Aung Kyaw

Artist U Aung Kyaw

Artist Aung Kyaw’ Profile

Aung Kyaw , a retired professor of NUAC , is a sculptor and artist . He was born in Rakhine State on 13 November , 1949 . Trained primarily in sculpting, he studied at the Yangon State School of Fine Art in 1967 . He was later additionaly trained in painting at the State School of fine Art in Mandalay 1969, at the time when master artist Win Pe was the principle . Throughout his years, he has been guided by several renowned artist masters like U Win Pe , U Aye Kyaw , U Kyaw Lay , U Kan Nyut , U Aung Khin and U Htun Nyu. He often also consulted the artist Khin Maung ( Bank ) to learn more about the later’s unique modern art .

Artist Aung Kyaw has always had a fervent thirst for knowledge, and always endeavours to learn more whenever he got an opportunity. In 1978, he met with the famous sculptor U Soe Tint studied about art in Germany, who greatly helped guide and polish his work. Aung Kyaw’s work and teaching are not only respected and relevant in the field of sculpture, but also in the wider field of arts.

Artist Aung Kyaw is satisfied that he has been able to stand on his own feet and is always extremely happy to teach others who follow. As a teacher and an artist, he strongly believes in sharing and passing on his techniques of sculpting, painting and artworks to all his students , as well as anyone who are interested in the arts. He also feels that everything he does  is art for the sake of art. He does not worry himself with thoughts of whether this works might be considered beautiful, sell-worthy or avant-guard by materialistic and business oriented art industry . Instead, he thinks about whether or not his the art works are pure , sincere and free as the soul of the artist.

According to his words , his artworks are very free and created as his own desire .