Lu Min

Artist Lu Min

Artist Lu Min was born on 3rd March , 1947 in March . He has studied about art under the great master artists U Thu Kha , U Ba Lone Lay , U Ba Yin Galay .

During  50  years of his artist life , he has participated many group shows in locally and internationally , Singapore ( 2001,2002 , 2003 , 2006, 2008 ) , Hong Kong ( 2003,2004 ) ,Thailand ( 2007, 2013 ) . He was one of the finalist artist at the Sovereign Annual Contemporary Asian Art Competition in  Hong Kong .

After his second  Solo Exhibition entitled “ Behind the Curtain ” , he found out his style and he prefer black  and dark color than other natural color and mostly composed his paintings by using opposite colors .

What he believe is  that black is more distant , more attractive , more  forceful and more dominate to create magical paintings .  On his concept , he still create his unique magical paintings at his studio as a full time artist . 

Aritst Lu Min