Mor Mor

Mor Mor is one of the woman famous contemporary artists of Myanmar . She was born in Yangon 1979 .She studied art at the State School Of Fine Art majoring in Painting. She is also got a   Bachelor of Engineering ( IT ) and diploma of Computer Art . 

       Mor Mor paints the drop of the water . Actually , this drop of water explores as our life . Water is a core element of human existence and very essential for our survival . Mor Mor emphasizes water’s dynamic form , enticing the viewers to see our most basic element in an entirely new perspective. 

 Her contemporary creation based on simple concept make all the viewer wonderful and attracted . Then she got the price for her works .    The Prize she got are 

1. Second Prize at Best Painting of the year 2007 by Tun Foundation Bank. 

2. Third Prize at Myanmar Contemporary Awards 2008 by River Art gallery.

3. Second Prize at Sovereign Asian Art Prize 2008 by Sovereign Art Foundation, Hong Kong 



Her art works are shown in 40 exhibition at home and also Abroad . The followings are the records of her exhibition at foreign country. 

Abroad Exhibition 

2008– Contemporary Myanmar Art Exhibition, New York

2008 – Sovereign Asian Art Prize, Singapore and Hong Kong

2009- Contemporary Myanmar Art Exhibition, New York.

2009 – Colour of Silence, Hong Kong

2010 – Myanmar Art & Culture Lecture, Boston, USA 2011 – The Fingers, Hong Kong

2014 – Art Stage Singapore

2017 – Art Revolution Taipei , Taiwan . 

Artist Mor Mor
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