Tin Maung Oo

                                             Artist Tin Maung Oo

                  Artist Tin Maung Oo was born in 1949. Since 1972, he studied  about Painting under his great mentors , Ko Bogie , Ko Myint Hsan , Ko Shwe Oung Thame ( U ).

         He has participated about 60 groups shows in Myanmar . Foregin Group Shows are at Korea (1990), China (1990), 7time in Singapore (1994,1995,2000 and 2005), three time at Malaysia (1995,2015) , Hong Kong (2003), Korea (2015), Japan (2007), Thailand (2007,2011) and Thai Wan(2018).

         He has accomplished  Nine solo Exhibition . Very First solo Exhibition is “  In Search of Grace ’’  at Nobel Gallery in Singapore. Then he showed three time in Myanmar (1999,2005,2006) , 4 time at Suvannathumi Gallery , Chaing Mai Thailand (2008,2009,2010,2014) and next time in Singapore (2002).The last Solo Exhibition is at OK Art Gallery _ Myanmar on 5 October , 2018 .  We can say that Artist Tin Maung Oo’s works are exhibited about five decades and his paintings are sold well to around world .His Myanmar fragrance paintings  created cool and clam color in cubism style is vey unique and make him that is “ Artist Tin Maung OO ’’ .

He said “ I didn’t choose to paint in the style of cubism but cubism choose me . Whenever I paint , I paint with my heart .  ” Until now , he is shaping his heart as the paintings  at his art studio .


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