Zaw Win Pe

Artist Zaw Win Pe was born in Le Gaing , Mague Division ,central Myanmar . He studied about art majoring in painting from 1981 to 1984.  He studied and worked at Artist Residency , Rimbun Dahan ,KL ,Malaysia .

He had participated over 30 group shows in Yangon and in abroad is about 40 exhibitions at around world such as Singapore ,Thailand , Hong Kaung , Malaysia , India , Korea , Bangladesh , Germany, and also USA .

There are three Solo Exhibitions entitled “Zaw Win Pe’s Palete Knife Paintings ” in 2000, “ Blue Hill Red Mountains” in 2011 and “Beyond the Landscape ” in 2015 at River Gallery , Yangon .He is the winner of Myanmar Contemporary Art Awards in 2004 ,  Second prize winner in the Myanmar Contemporary Art Awards in 2008. His art works are collected in the Singapore National Art Museum , Embassy of the United State of America ,FUnf Kontinente Museum _ Munich , Germany and some private Singaporian , American , German , Malaysia and also Burmese                collectors.He is a full time artist at his Zaw Win Pe’s Studio in North Dargon.

Artist Zaw Win Pe